About fRfR

About the
from the Region
for the Region
Access System

Becoming the trusted brand for locally produce goods and services.

Enabling the growth of an all-inclusive circular green economy in the K2C Biosphere, through collaboration.

Prosperity of man; Prosperity of nature; Prosperity for all

What we do:

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Get everyone to support local. Therefore, connecting local SMME’s in the Kruger2Canyon Biosphere Region with access to markets.¬†

Local tailor

How do we do it?

Through integrating various tools and methods. As a result, we make supporting  local easier!

Mobile Technology

Interactive Database

Informal Markets

Convenient online shopping!

Why are we doing it?

To grow the local economy

Offering access to markets therefore, more successful SMME's and a growing economy

Social development

Through our mentoring circle we have the potential of assisting +300 SMME's to grow themselves and secondly their businesses

Environmental sustainability

Educating all in the Biosphere how to protect our region and as a result promote environmental sustainability

Sense of belonging

Creating a sense of belonging for all living in the Kruger 2 Canyons Biosphere Region!

Our key focus areas

Key focus areas

Frequently asked questions

We are currently piloting the following access market tools:

  • Mobile Technology;
  • Interactive database linked to a mapping system;
  • Procurement hub;
  • Online store, and
  • Informal markets.

Make use of our market access tools to purchase local products and produce. Also, when you are in need of a service provider, ensure you contact one of our recommended local service providers on our “find a service” page.¬† Check out our calendar to support local events! Last but not least, keep your eyes open for the “from the Region for the Region” logo!

Registering is just about as easy as supporting local! All you do is email us on: admin@fromtheregion.org and we will guide you through the process. Alternatively, send us a message through our “contact us” page.

We have a range of incentives that we offer to all the SMME’s in our network. The incentives that they receive depends on what their tailor made agreement states, and what level they are on. Essentially, giving them the opportunity to grow within the project.

We include the entire Kruger2Canyons Biosphere Region. However, we are currently piloting the tools with an identified village and consumer.

For more information on the fRfR project please email us. If you are looking for more information about the Kruger 2 Canyons Biosphere Region, take a look at their website

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